Carbon nanotubes

The University of Namur has a long research tradition in the carbon nanotubes field. This research focus on the synthesis, functionalization and characterization of carbon nanotubes. More precisely, the carbon nanotubes are grown by chemical vapor deposition technique and the actual researches focuses on the synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes and their subsequent functionalization.
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes
The research goal is to investigate the controlled growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VA-CNTs) by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes by plasma
Our research focuses on the functionalization of carbon nanotubes perpendicularly to their substrates, so-called vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VA-CNTs)
Nanoparticles decorated carbon nanotubes
Decoration of carbon nanotubes with nanoparticles is a key route to broaden their applications by optimizing their performances.
Simulations on quantum electronic transport of defective nanotubes
Our research focuses on transport properties in periodic and disordered chemically (N) doped metallic nanotubes.