The UNamur spin-offs

Spin-offs are companies created after academic research to develop expertise and research results.  They have significant value in terms of job creation and economic growth. 16 of the 22 UNamur created spin-offs are still active today.

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List of the Unamur spin-offs


(*) with the support of the FIRST Spin-off programme of SPW Recherche

See also the "Spin-offs de Wallonie" website


Company nameField of activity
Traqua logo

(*) TRAQUA is specialized in techniques for water flow characterization. We offer innovative technological solutions and customized expertise to hydrogeological or hydrological inquiries (analysis, diagnosis, monitoring).


(*) Biological and environmental consulting company combined with a multidisciplinary lab specialized in biomonitoring, ecological assessments and biological surveys.



(*) Surface optimization techniques to enhance any material.


Flyer ICS (PDF)

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Providing industries, hospitals and universities with all the analytical services for blood investigations and hemocompatibility testing.

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MGA Consulting

(*) "DeepCo" and "Talkin'toMe" are part of MGAConsulting.They offer training sessions to improve in-company collaboration.

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Logo BStorm

(* )Expertise inData Analytics and Business Intelligence. BStorm also develops high-added-value applications to automate expertbehaviour.


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Skalup logo

(*) SkalUP is active in AI, enabling companies to better manage and detect e-marketing strategies by building their own or tailor-made applications.Website:

Flyer SkalUP (PDF)

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(*) Research, development and production of biological alternatives for plant protection (biological elicitors).

Flyer Fytofend (PDF)

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Logo straticell

(*) Specialized in high technology skin biology and dermocosmetics assays.


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Logo rever

A robust modeling platform with our proprietary Automated Model Driven Engineeringtechnology and metadata approach at its core.



Logo xperthis

Digital solutions for smarter patient care.

Nanocylprovides high quality Carbon Nanotube (CNT) solutions that improve the properties of your materialsuch as ESD/electrical conductivity, mechanical reinforcement, thermal dissipation and eco-friendly fouling release.

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Eppendorf Application Technologies

EAT (formerly Advanced Array Technology) is part of Eppendorf, specialized in biotechnology, more specifically microarray detectors for biotech analysis.

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Euroscan Instruments

ESCA (XPS) spectrometers (maintenance, upgrades, design, sale and rental).

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PATH (Psychology, Technical Aids and Handicap) asbl (CRETH)

Logo Bio-X

Veterinarian laboratory performing, reliable and economic diagnosis tools(ELISA, IFA, PCR) for any animal.

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Computer management software for public administrations.

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The companies Accetics (*), BioXpert (*) Lambda+ and E-Consult are UNamur spin-offs but have stopped their activities.