Tools for researchers

Intellectual property and technology transfer

For ICTs
  • UNamur apps developper, an opportunity for researchers to disseminate the results of their research in the form of PC, mobile and tablet applications.
Documents, agreements, contracts

To be adapted according to your situation : please read Legal support

Information systems security and data protection

Document storage

Documents are stored on the Documents UNamur Clowd, accessible for UNamur staff members.

Promotional and event materials

  • Websites, conferences, kick-off meetings, project meetings, brochures, interviews and videos presenting the technological platforms and institutes. See what's available here...

The LIEU network

Brochures for different research fields

All the research capacities and know-how and cutting-edge technologies in a target sector, developed in the laboratories of the institutions of the former Académie Louvain, including the University of Namur, are described in Brochures thématiques.

The 2019 Business review