Building and submitting research proposals

ADRE offers support to researchers for conceiving and writing their research proposals (fellowship, project, etc.).

ADRE helps for :

  • The identification of potential funding agencies: the financing advisors guide the researchers to the most appropriate agency according to the type of project they want to be financed;
  • The search for consortia since some projects require the collaboration with one or more partners (academic or industrial) that researchers may not have in their network;
  • The conception of the budget and the proofreading of proposals, each finding agency having its own eligibility and budgetary rules;
  • Legal support in the preparation of documents;
  • The determination of rights and the protection of intellectual property;
  • The coordination in the collection of administrative documents required for filing of the proposal;
  • Administrative support for public services contracts;
  • The establishment of valorization schemes or the preparation of a business plan or of market studies;
  • The validation and signature process of agreements/contracts: any research agreement or contract must be validated by ADRE before their signature by the Rector.


It is imperative to go through the ADRE to have the different aspects of your project validated BEFORE DEPOSIT. Please, contact the corresponding funding agency’s advisor as soon as possible before the deadline.

On the other hand, once the project has started, the financial follow-up of the research projects will be ensured by the CGCR.

Contact: Secrétariat ADRE

According to the funding agency: see Who's who or the  FUNDING page