The legal support unit missions

Many legal issues related to intellectual property arise in the context of the University's research and innovation missions. The legal unit is at your disposal to find with you the best way to carry out these missions and to help you navigate through the legal arcana of research and innovation, as well as to guarantee a serene environment for the institution. « Prevention is better than cure », so it is essential to get in touch as soon as possible to discuss this.

Do not hesitate to contact the KTO of your discipline as well as the grant unit.

Contract support

Research and innovation are generally accompanied by contracts. The legal unit is at your disposal to draft these contracts or to review proposals. These contracts intervene at different stages of the research and have different objectives, so much so that it is difficult to make an exhaustive list. You will find below a list of frequent contracts for which you can count on the legal unit.

R&D often implies three types of contracts:

  1. Early agreements: NDA, MTA, MOU
  2. Collaboration agreements: consortium, scientific services contract, scientific research agreement
  3. Agreements following the achievement of results: results management agreements and technology transfer agreements.

Of course, we remain at your disposal to think outside the box as long as legal security is not threatened.

Legal helpdesk for research and innovation

Legal advice by email or phone mainly regarding intellectual property but also any other legal issues related to R&D projects.

Contact : Jean-Léon KABORE - +32(0)81 72 50 48 -