Valorization of your social or technical innovation

The ADRE helps you in your search for applications, partners and in the evaluation of the economic prospects of the inventions/innovations. We also keep you informed of the financing that can be used for the development of these innovations.

If a financial return is linked to the transfer of your innovation/invention to the industrial partner, the ADRE helps you to estimate the economic value of this financial return.

License or assignment of rights

This step must of course be preceded by the description of your technology in an invention declaration and by the implementation of an effective protection strategy for the intellectual property related to the invention.

Once the technology is mature enough to be transferred to the partner, a term sheet defining the exploitation rights on the technology that will be transferred to the grantee is defined including the definition of the collaboration.

Finally, once these steps have been completed, it is possible to estimate the value related to this transfer. The methods of distribution of the financial returns are defined in the UNamur intellectual property regulations, available in the UNamur IP regulations.

Market study

Before any financial, legal or even tax issues, one of the first steps in the preparation phase of your project is to design a market study. This process, if well done, will allow to answer a series of questions vital to the success of your project.

The collection and analysis of this information (as exhaustive as possible) will allow to better understand the real environment in which you will create your business and thus to reduce uncertainties.

The market study also allows to give credibility to your project with third parties, especially investors and potential financial partners.

These results will then enable you to define your commercial strategy, establish your action plan for the next few years and your provisional financial plan. These elements will thus make up your business plan, also called Business Plan.

Business Plan

The Business Plan allows to refine and structure your ideas in writing. This synthetic document will complete your market study with strategic, commercial, economic and financial forecasts.

Writing a Business Plan can seem tedious and time-consuming. This is why the ADRE accompanies you during its elaboration. The ADRE will help you ask the right questions and structure the information and analyses in order to create together a clear, complete, logical and quality document.

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