Maturation of research results

Maturation Charter

The Maturation Charter aims to promote the best development of research results entering the technological maturation phase. This charter is part of a logic for optimizing the process of technology and knowledge transfer and is intended to accompany any project of valorization..

It defines the rights and duties of UNamur and the project leader during the maturation and pre-incubation processes. Available on request.

Valorization process

Announcement and declaration of invention

The announcement and declaration of invention allows researchers to communicate their inventions to ADRE. The ADRE will then be able to evaluate, with the researcher, the invention, its patentability and its commercial potential.


The anteriority search is a means of identifying the state-of-the-art that is closest to your invention. Such a search is essential before filing a patent application.

Patent application

The ADRE accompanies you in the reflection on the possible filing of a patent application and throughout the entire application process.

For more information?  Please refer to IP protection

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