The laboratory notebook

This is it! The electronic version of the laboratory notebook is available at the UNamur!

The laboratory notebook is a valuable scientific and legal tool. But at a time when we have become accustomed to searching by keywords and getting the information we are looking for in just a few clicks, the paper version of this laboratory notebook becomes rarely consulted.

With a few new habits to take, the electronic version will offer a whole range of new possibilities and great accessibility while guaranteeing a safe and legally valid archiving.

Installed on a local server and available HERE, this lab notebook offers:

  • A platform accessible from any browser and compatible with all operating systems;
  • The import and export of data in various formats (word, xls, pdf, jpg, csv...);
  • The creation of links to databases, folders or files (notably on );
  • The use of labels related to experiments and search (simple or advanced) by keywords;
  • The possibility to make automatic or manual backups (export in zip file);
  • Certified timestamping of your experiments for the protection of intellectual property;
  • The management of write or read access for the different members of your team;
  • The clear display of a status for each experiment (success, fail, to be redone...);
  • And many other functionalities such as the registration of experiment models, the creation of task lists, the management of equipment reservation...

A new version is available since December 24, 2017 (information here). 

The documentation is being written but already available on Terranostra - internal documents

Contact for the technical aspects

  • Patrick Glesner

Contacts for users

  • Valérie De Glas
  • Antoine Fattaciolli
  • Maude Fransolet
  • Ludovic Herter
  • Julie Virgo

The laboratory notebook, paper version


The laboratory notebooks are available at the ADRE secretariat on request.

See its content – See the covers – Download its presentation (PDF)

Contact ADRE for the laboratory notebook:
Sonia Leroy - Tel : +32 (0)81 72 53 46 - Email