Intellectual property (IP) protection

Regardless of how far along your project is, IP helps to protect research results.

Protection of research

When setting up a project, it is essential to determine which IP rights will be made available to the other partners involved in carrying out the project. ADRE guides you to specify the rights of use and to define the main lines regarding the results that could be generated within the framework of the project such as: their attribution, the rights of the other partners, co-ownership rules, etc....

Once the research project begins,

  • The laboratory notebook is an essential tool in the field of the capitalization of the intellectual heritage within our institution. NEW ! The lab notebook, electronic version: don't lose your memory!
  • The anteriority search is a means of identifying the state-of-the-art that is closest to your invention. Such a search is essential before filing a patent application.
  • The announcement and declaration of invention allows researchers to communicate their inventions to ADRE. ADRE will then be able to evaluate, with the researcher, the invention, its patentability and its commercial potential.
  • The interactive researchers guide (Réseau Lieu)
  • You want to test your knowledge about IP?  Take our quizz (in French).

Protection of research results

The research results are also protected by IP rights.

According to the nature of the results, you can chose:

  • A copyright, which applies to publications, graphic and artistic works as well as softwares
  • A patent : protection of an invention
  • A design or model: protection of a product or product appearance
  • A plant variety: protection of a new plant variety
  • Semiconductor topography: semiconductor protection (smart cards) 
  • A specific right on databases


Finally, if you want to create your own business, it can be interesting to register a trademark.

Access to the Documents on TerraNostra (regulations, patents - Internal documents, in French).

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