Euraxess Rights Unit

Unit in charge of implementing the European Charter for researchers


A strategic action plan (HRS4R) is being developed within the University of Namur for implementing the principles of the Charter and Code. It has been launched in January 2012. European Commission acknowledgement process requires five steps:

·       “Step 1 - The research institution or funding organisation carries out an internal analysis according to a standard template grouping all the 40 Charter & Code principles in 4 areas ('Ethical and professional aspects', 'Recruitment', 'Working conditions & social security' and 'Training').

·       Step 2 - The research institution or funding organisation publishes its "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers" on its website and on the European EURAXESS Rights webpage. It should summarise the main results of the internal analysis and present the actions proposed to ensure and/or improve alignment with the Charter & Code principles.

·       Step 3 - Provided that the above steps are formally respected, the European Commission "acknowledges" that the participating research institution or funding organisation has adopted a Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.

·        Step 4 - The research institution or funding organisation implements its HR strategy and conducts a self-assessment within the framework of its existing internal quality assurance mechanisms. This self-assessment should be undertaken regularly, at a minimum every second year.

·       Step 5 - External evaluation: at least every 4 years, the research institution or funding organisation drafts a short report, showing the progress made towards the objectives of its HR Strategy for Researchers and its compliance with the principles of the Charter & Code”.

The HRS4R strategic action plan  gives international recognition of the excellence of our policy towards researchers. The UNamur is committed to deploy in its institution a process of continuous improvement in research.

The logo "HR Excellence in Research" gives researchers a recruitment guaranty of transparency, fairness and equality. That way, they should find a good research environment and a correct evaluation system.



Logo HR Excellence in research