Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)


Promoting excellence involves creating an environment for reserch, training and career developement of researchers and their mobility.

The authorities of University of Namur have ratified the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Charter and Code contain principles to promote human resources strategy and improve the conditions of recruitment and work researchers.

A strategic plan (HRS4R) in being developed within the University of Namur for implementing the principles of the Charter and Code.

Charter and Code addresse all researchers at all stages in their career and cover all fields of research in the public and private sectors. It takes account all researcher's activities: research of course but also supervision, management and administration tasks. The main principles, among others, are research freedom and profesional attitude, relationship with supervisor, research and working conditions, career development, evaluation systems, co-authorship and proprety rights, transparency in recruitment and selection and recognition of mobility experiences.

The service Euraxess Rights is in charge of implementing the recommandations of the European Commission for ensuring that the University of Namur is an attractive working place for researchers, both for those who are already there and for those to come. Several goal are persued:

  • creating an attractive working environment, open and transparent;
  • promoting the mobility of researchers;
  • implementing an evaluation process of current practice within institution.

Follow the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers at UNamur

UNamur against Plagiarism
Anti-plagiarism campaign organisez within the framework of the implementation of the European Charter for researchers at the University of Namur


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