Denis Saint-Amand

NARC fellowship | October 2021 - September 2023


Denis Saint-AmandDenis Saint-Amand is research associate from the FNRS within the University of Namur. Contemporary French literature (19th-21st centuries) constitutes the main field of his research: favoring an approach articulating the tools of historians, sociologists and poeticians, he has devoted several works to the workings of literary life - modes of literary sociabilities and representations thereof, rites and beliefs, quarrels, staging of authors, mediations and supports of literary fact - and to the analysis of modern texts, in particular of the work of Arthur Rimbaud.

Specializing in the approach of diversion, marginal works and collective productions, seen from the perspective of historical poetics, he holds a PhD in languages and letters from the University of Liège (2011).

After staying at the University of Nanterre and the University of Toronto during his mandate as an FNRS PhD research fellow, he did a postdoctoral stay at the Freie Universität Bertlin (2014) as part of his mandate as FNRS post-doctoral researcher, and benefited in 2018 from a SSHRC postdoctoral mandate at the University of Sherbrooke.

Co-director of the magazines Parade sauvage et COnTEXTES, he is notably the author of La Littérature de l'Ombre (Classiques Garnier, 2012), Le Dictionnaire Détourné (PUR, 2013), La Préface (dir., With Marie-Pier Luneau, Classiques Garnier, 2016), La Dynamique des groups littéraires (dir. - PULg, 2016), Poétique du Chat Noir (dir., With Caroline Crépiat and Julien Schuh, PU Nanterre, 2021) and Le Style potache (La Baconnière, 2019).

With Anthony Glinoer, he coordinated the Lexique Socius, available online (2014-2016). Attentive to literary productions evolving outside the book market, spontaneous, artisanal and ephemeral, he is currently working on wild literature and was awarded an FNRS Incentive Grant for Scientific Research (MIS) for the project "Tags, collages, banderoles : sociopoétique des écritures sauvages de la contestation en France (2016-2022) ".

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MIS project | Observatory of Wild Literature - Wild writings of Protest | OLSa

All of these movements are accompanied by "artivist" practices (articulating art and activism) and by wild, spontaneous and ephemeral writings, displayed on makeshift media (tags, collages, banners, signs, clothing).

This project is devoted to these savage writings of protest. It will focus on studying their formal realities, taking note that they cannot be analyzed without considering their conditions of emergence and the social discourses that govern them.

By combining the achievements of historical poetics and literary sociology, it will be a question of adopting a “socio-poetician” approach to question the forms and effects of these wild writings, the logics presiding over their elaboration and their enunciation, their modes of circulation and dissemination and the way in which they support imaginaries of the insurgency.

This specific project will allow the institutionalization of an Observatory of Wild Literature (OLSa) at UNamur.

The abstract is also available in French here...

His mentor – Anthony Glinoer – University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Anthony GlinoerAnthony Glinoer is a Professor of French Literature at the University of Sherbrooke, holder of the Canada Research Chair in the History of Publishing and Sociology of Literature.

He is a reknown researcher, often rewarded in Canada and in France. He also supported Denis Saint-Amand from his beginnings in research, counted among members of his PhD thesis jury and hosted him for a doctoral stay in Toronto and then a postdoctoral stage in Sherbrooke. Together, they produced the Lexique Socius.

Anthony Glinoer came to Namur for the release of his book on bohemia in February 2020. He will be a guest of choice for the next colloquium “The writings of the protest” that Denis Saint-Amand is organizing in June 2022. His participation will also strengthen the privileged partnership between the UNamur and the University of Sherbrooke.


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