Registration to research institutes

Registration 2022

In 2021, you were invited to register to a UNamur Research Institute.  The annual registration must be renewed.

You will find a list of the UNamur Institutes HERE.

Here is the 2022 process:

  • You wish to keep the existing registration: you don’t need to do ANYTHING;
  • You wish to change your actual registration: fill in the form (see below);
  • You started to work at UNamur between 1 Feb 2021 & 31 Jan 2022: fill in the form, even if you contacted us before to mention your presence.


The deadline for sending back your information is February 11, 2022.

The Institute presidents and representatives will receive a file to validate in order to update your data.

If you want to check your current registration, please visit your personal UNamur Directory page.

As a reminder, there are 3 ways to register:

1) 100% to 1 Institute;

2) 50%   to 1 Institute, 50% to another one.

Both cases are taken into account for calculating the funding of the Institutes.  Your registration is mentioned on your personal UNamur page.  Your scientific activities will be linked to the Institute(s) in PURE.

3) 0% registration (as an expression of interest), with no influence on the funding.

Link to the registration form.

Any questions?