A PhD at UNamur

You're starting a PhD at UNamur and you have many questions. You might find the right answer to your question on the different services and information available for you below.




If you need any information regarding the funding opportunities, check the page of the Research Administration (ADRE).

To get more information on mobility scholarschips, consult the Plumino page (in French).

The Institution of UNamur also grants doctoral scholarships : 

  • Funding of half a scholarship in the framework of a co-tutoring with other universities
  • Co-funding with other organisms, such as research centers, businesses or other associations..

The selection is made internally by the Research Committee. More information here.

  • Doctoral Schorlarship UNamur-CERUNA : 

The UNamur also proposes an institutionnal programm for doctoral schlolarships which are aimed to students coming from countries that have to pay the minimum complementary registration fees. This programm allows thus to support the doctoral research while strenghtening the university development cooperation.

The selection is also made by the Research Committe. 

For more info, please contact : .



Communication around the PhD

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