OTM-R procedure (open, transparent, and merit recruitment)

In 2017, UNamur took over the OTM-R toolbox (checklist of 23 questions) proposed by the European Commission. The OTM-R checklist serves as a working basis for checking the progress of projects.

Thus, the OTM-R Gap analysis was followed in August 2017 by the drafting of the OTM-R Action Plan 2018-2021. Both were validated by the UNamur Board of Directors on 25 January 2019. More information on the UNamur OTM-R policy here.


The analysis of the institutional policy on the recruitment of researchers and the identification of gaps that need to be filled in order to comply with the OTM-R principles has allowed the identification of actions to be put in place to improve the recruitment practices of researchers within UNamur. One of the nine axes of the Rectoral Policy Statement is directly dedicated to the OTM-R policy.

The human resources policy drawn up by the First Vice-Rector in charge of personnel, in close collaboration with the Human Resources Department, has made it possible to highlight the priority actions of the OTM-R Action Plan 2018-2021.


Taking advantage of the current revision of the statutes of the three categories of staff, the priority actions to be carried out (2019-2021) are as follows:

  • Revision of the recruitment procedure for scientific staff to bring it into line with the OTM-R principles;
  • Revision of the current UNamur Recruitment Charter and drafting of a new Recruitment Charter, common to the three categories of staff, incorporating the new recruitment procedure for scientific staff;
  • Updating of the UNamur Recruitment Vademecum;
  • Implementation of an e-recruitment platform;
  • Systematic publication of all job offers on the Euraxess-Jobs platform.

Other additional actions are included in the OTM-R Action Plan 2018-2021. The actions of the OTM-R policy are included in the HRS4R action plan, which includes four themes, including the recruitment and selection of researchers.


The University of Namur recognizes that research entities must be able to recruit researchers in the most efficient way. Thus, it is working to apply strict rules for recruitment and selection. However, derogations must be allowed in certain specific cases, in particular to retain, extend or reintegrate researchers who have already carried out their activities within UNamur. The waiver process is intended to be clear, transparent, justified and non-discriminatory.

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