Recruitment (Code)

Recruitment (code) 

"Employers and/or funders should establish recruitment procedures that are open, efficient, transparent, favourable, internationally comparable and appropriate to the types of posts advertised.
Advertisements should give a broad description of the knowledge and skills required, and should not be so specialized as to discourage suitable candidates. Employers should
include a description of working conditions and rights, including career development opportunities. In addition, the period between the publication of the vacancy or call for applications and the deadline for reply must be realistic". (extract from the Charter for European researchers)


at unamur

/ Promotion of the publication of job offers in the search on Euraxess Jobs
  • Revision of the Recruitment Charter 
  • Arrangements for the hiring of a new scholar
  • Implementation of an e-recruitment platform (abandonment)
  • English translation of the ADRE website (for researchers)

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