Ethics in humanities

The Board of Directors of UNamur.has officially set up, in its session of September 1st, 2017, the creation of the ethics committee in humanities as a local advisory body on ethical issues related to research in the social sciences and humanities, when such an advice is requested by a funding agency.


The form concerning ethics in the social sciences and humanities proposed by the funder, duly completed, should be sent by email to .

This will be analyzed by the ethics committee, with regard to the ethical requirements of the fnding agency.

If the funder does not propose a form, the project leader should contact the funder to find out its ethical criteria and the legislation in which the project is registered. Project leaders can also consult the forms proposed by the FNRS or the European Community so that the most common ethical considerations and guidelines are taken into account from the conception and drafting of the project. 

Composition if the committee

  • Natalie RIGAUX from the Faculty of Economic, Social and Management Sciences,
  • Jean HERVEG from the Faculty of Law,
  • Laurence MEURANT from the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts,
  • Olivier SARTENAER from the Faculty of Sciences,
  • Karen ROSIER, data protection officer.

Substitutes: Elise DEFREYNE and Jean-Michel LONGNEAUX.

Internal regulations - Internal document

Internal regulations of the ethics committee in humanities (version of June 27, 2018).