Developing a systemic approach

Based on the quality policy developed in line with the rectoral policy and in respect with the values of the UNamur, an integration of the quality approach will be implemented at every level of the institution.

Basically, it means:

  •  Reinforcing the quality committee (coach in facilitation, data manager, help in the obtention of the label and certification,…).
  •  A program approach initiated thanks to the project PUNCH 2.0.
  •  Trainings available for the faculties to develop the education quality and generalize the point of contact in quality in every faculty.
  •   At the level of faculties, and at the level of services, have a change of spectrum and move from “Quality control” to “support” the services in their actions.
  •   At the institutional level, develop tools and methodology to enable real institutional control and global support to all departments.
  •   Promoting and reinforcing the existing quality approaches already in place.


We really have our heart set at diffusing this quality approach even inside the institutional policy and to develop a collective mindset based on trust and responsibility of everyone.

To reach this level of quality and to keep it up, we design our approach according to the Deming’s wheel, what guarantees us a perpetual reassessment and a perpetual search for continuous improvement.




Le PDCA ou roue de Demming est une approche Qualité apportant une méthode de réflexion et de recherche d'amélioration continue. Les quatre grandes étapes se suivant progressivement afin de garantir une méthode réflexive :- Analyse des besoins et Planification des activités- Réalisation des activités préalablement identifiées- Vérification des résultats obtenus- Adaptation selon l’analyse des résultats.