Quality lunches

The Quality Department organizes training sessions during lunch time, called "Quality lunches", which will introduce different tools that might be helpful to everyone. These tools can help you solve problems or manage different types of situations. Do not hesitate to take part to the trainings to discover them!

To assist to the trainings and to help us organize them, we kindly ask you to register beforehand via the links under the video. 




25/11/2022 (1pm-1.45 pm) : #8 : Selection Matrix : how to take a decision based on different criteria.

Link to register: https://www.billetweb.fr/midi-de-la-qualite-8-matrice-de-selection


16/12/2022 (1pm-1.45 pm) : #9 : Pôka Yoke ... or how not to fall into a trap.
Link to register: https://www.billetweb.fr/midi-de-la-qualite-6-5-pourquoi


These Quality Lunches are for the UNamur'staff only. 

You can follow them either on site (D11) or remotely.



24/02/2022: #1 : QQOQCCP: 5 questions to describe and understand any given situation.

29/03/2022: #2 : Brainstorming : how to bring new ideas to the table.

26/04/2022: #3 : Ishikawa Diagram : identifying the causes of a problem by using the diagram. 

17/05/2022: #4 : 5S : a place for everything and everything in its place! 

28/06/2022: #5 : how to give a useful and constructive feedback.

30/09/2022: #6 : 5 Why's : how to define the cause of a problem.

21/10/2022: #7 : SMART Objective: how to define a feasable objective.