Tips and Tricks to prevent plagiarism


Identify your sources !

•         Put quotation marks when you copy and paste an excerpt from a text of another author;

•         Use footnotes to correctly quote your sources (e.g. name of author, title, edition, year of publication, pages n° cited);

•         Make a complete bibliography where all references are found (to authors' identification, texts quoted, images, web pages' content, etc., used to illustrate your work).

Respect copyright !

•         Don't plunder the work of someone else: copyright only allows you to quote excerpts from a text (not to copy the complete work!);

•         If you translate a text: identify your translation as such and put the excerpt in the original language in a footnote;

•         Always cite your sources and assign authorship of all information (images, graphics, text, data, photos, etc.) that you insert into your text.


•         Education & training: at UNamur there are several methods and/or intellectual property courses depending on your studies or research area;

•         Specific seminars are continuosly organized by the TTO's and Lawyers of the Research Administration (ADRE) & the Pro-Doc cell (assistance & training for PhD's);

•         Ask your assistants, professors, colleagues, supervisors, research directors... they are also there to supervise, assist, teach and provide you with this kind of knowledge!