If you are a STUDENT

What are the penalties for plagiarism?


Our Regulation of Studies and Examinations that is distributed to students when they registered at the university (in their “welcome pack”) provides specific penalties in case of fraud and/or plagiarism.


See article 11, §2, that states:

« ... when the text of a Master thesis, written work, report, personal project, etc, uses external sources, it must be reported accurately. Once there is copying – even partial – of a text from a source, the quotation marks should be used systematically. Failure to comply with these requirements will be penalized by a mark of 0/20 for the Master thesis, written work, report or personal project concerned. » (free translation from the regulation)

It is primarily this regulation that provides guidance to your professors and assistants when a case of fraud or plagiarism is detected and when a penalty shall be applied.

Some faculties of UNamur have adapted specific procedures of deliberation commissions and boards.

These rules apply to all written work, examinations, Master thesis, PhD thesis, reports, etc, whether written or oral, made by students whatever their level of studies (undergraduate, post-graduate or even doctoral studies).

In addition, under the terms of the IPR Policy and Technology Transfer Regulation of UNamur, some students could also be considered « researchers » in certain cases (see its art. 1.1.) and thus be subject to the same rules and provisions.