Information and awareness anti-plagiarism campaign at UNamur Campus

From end of 2013 – beginning of 2014, a campaign will be launched against plagiarism at the UNamur Campus to inform and educate students, researchers and professors about plagiarism and its implications.

Poster (pdf to download) Folder (pdf to download).

Reportage on plagiarism on FAC TV (online video of SAVE)

Fac TV dedicated a program on plagiarism (Find it online)

Training and Information seminars for STUDENTS

  • For students of the first year of Bachelor / undergraduates (2013-2014 agenda)

These seminars will focus on the general concept of plagiarism to raise the awareness of students who have sometimes acquired bad habits during their secondary education (e.g. by systematically using the copy-paste function, taking ideas from Wikipedia without any other source or proper citation, etc), which must be changed at this stage of their educational career. Possible sanctions and remedies will also be explained, and practical exercises will be proposed.

  • For Graduate students (2013-2014 agenda
Seminars are planned for graduate students in the year where they start their Master thesis. General principles will be recalled, and it will be focus on the rules and procedures to be followed in drafting a written dissertation.

Training and Information seminars for RESEARCHERS (PRO-DOC & ADRE)

These seminars are intended for PhDs and researchers. Various issues of intellectual property rights in their daily research work will be presented 

(2013-2014 agenda)