Anti-Plagiarism Campaign at UNamur

European Charter for Researchers (Euraxess Rights)

The European Charter of Researchers explicitly refers to plagiarism in the following words:

« Researchers should make every effort to ensure that their research is relevant to society and does not duplicate research previously carried out elsewhere. They must avoid plagiarism of any kind and abide by the principle of intellectual property and joint data ownership in the case of research carried out in collaboration with a supervisor(s) and/or other researchers. The need to validate new observations by showing that experiments are reproducible should not be interpreted as plagiarism, provided that the data to be confirmed are explicitly quoted.

Researchers should ensure, if any aspect of their work is delegated, that the person to whom it is delegated has the competence to carry it out. » (see the principle of « Professional responsibility »).

UNamur - collaborating with the Research Administration staff (ADRE), the Euraxess Rights Unit, the Teaching Administration (ADEN), the Students Association (AGE) and different contact people of each Faculty - within the framework of the implementation of its Action Plan HRS4R (Human Research Strategy for Researchers) is committed to put in place an information and awareness campaign across the campus for both students and researchers.

UNamur is conducting a comprehensive anti-plagiarism policy that includes three types of action:

  • Prevention, notably through an information and awareness campaign during this academic year (planned beetwen December 6-13, 2013);
  • Education, which includes an information and awareness campaign for all assistants and professors of courses concerning methodology, intellectual property, scientific communication, writing methods, etc, on the importance of educating students about the respect of the intellectual property rights of others;
  •  Repression, by enacting clear rules of conduct, sanctions and possible remedies.