B a c h e l o r   i n   b i o m e d i c i n e

Fully taught in French

The Bachelor in Biomedicine at UNamur is a 3-year programme organised in French only.

For more information, visit the web page in French.

M a s t e r   i n   b i o m e d i c i n e

Fully taught in English

UNamur offers a Master’s degree taught entirely in English.

The Master in Biomedicine is an introduction to all the developmental stages of a new therapeutic molecule and focuses on pre-clinical and clinical research.

I value the professional approach of the course, which is directly linked to the real world and real world issues.

This course specialising in biopharmaceutics and therapeutics gives me direct access to careers in the industry and the possibility of studying abroad.  We have had the opportunity of visiting several companies, including Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Cardio 3 biosciences, MaSTherCell, Sirris and Cardiatis.  My thesis is based on a new animal experimentation model in neurology.  Thanks to this course, one of my greatest dreams will come true: to do my placement in the neurology research laboratory at Harvard.’ - Sarah, graduate

Y o u r   o b j e c t i v e s

  • To master all the developmental stages of new therapies, particularly those derived from biotechnology or cells.
  • To develop biomarkers related to different therapies, in particular using genetics and pharmacogenomics.
  • To conduct and monitor pre-clinical and clinical studies.
  • To ensure the production quality of biotechnological and biosimilar products, cell therapies (stem cells), gene therapies, tissue engineering and medical devices (implants, drug delivery devices, etc.).

W h y   s t u d y   a t   U N a m u r ?

Étoile Rapid integration into the world of work, with visits to companies and hospitals (departments of R&D, production, quality control, clinical trials, etc.) and a placement at the end of the second year Master in research, production, or evaluation of advanced therapies, or in the field of hospital-based clinical trials;
Étoile An excellent, practical mastery of English (the entire programme is in English);
Étoile In addition to your Master’s degree, you will receive an official qualification as a biotechnician in the handling of laboratory animals and/or experiment supervisor;
Étoile Pathway to a Doctorate and to biomedical research.

p r o g r a m m e s

2 year master - 120 creditsProgramme structure and courses

Choose your area of specialisation:


  • pre-clinical research: the laboratory-based phase of research into new products and techniques before they are tested on humans.
  • clinical research: research carried out on humans once products and techniques have been sufficiently developed.

The Master is based on a solid grounding in biopharmaceutics: pharmacotherapy, health technology assessment, biosynthetic drugs and pharmacovigilance; and therapeutics: clinical and non-clinical experimental approaches and biomedical engineering.

Several visits to companies and hospitals, practical projects and a 5-month placement in a laboratory or company in Belgium or abroad lend a highly professional dimension to this programme.  The Master ends with a thesis carried out in a research laboratory or hospital, bringing a personal project right through from conception to conclusion.

Programme structure and courses

1 year master - 60 credits

This programme offers a basic course in biomedicine, taught completely in English.