A political and institutional laboratory: urban communities between Seine and Meuse, 1050-1250

Frippiat , T. & Nieus, J.


Project: ResearchResearch, Dissertation project

BRAIN-GWB: Great War from Below

Tixhon, A.


Project: Research

PAI n°P7/26: City and Society in the Low Countries (ca. 1200-ca. 1850). The condition urbaine : between resilience and vulnerability

Parmentier, I., Boone, M., Aerts, E., Blondé, B., Deligne, C., Winter, A., Bracke, W., Van Sprang, S. & Badot, A.


Project: Research

PAI n°P7/22: Justice and Populations, the belgian experience in International Perspective, 1795-2015

Tixhon, A., Rousseaux, X., De Wever, B., Velle, K., Van Doorslaer, R., Horvat, S., Tousignant, N., Lagrou, P., Enhus, E., Bouckaert, G. & Schoenaers, F.


Project: Research