Welcome to the Faculty of Arts

If you are interested in languages, history and culture, and if you enjoy critical thinking and analysis, you will surely be tempted by the programmes offered by the Faculty of Arts.

Study Programmes

The Faculty of Arts offers the following Bachelors degrees:Travaux pratiques en Histoire de l'art et archéologie

as well as PhD programmes in the same fields.


While these subject areas show great diversity, they also share a range of basic objectives, such as helping students to develop their analytical and writing skills, to acquire knowledge and manage it in a coherent manner, to interpret all kinds of texts and objects, and, last but not least, to understand human societies through their history.


Research in the Faculty of Arts attempts to develop new and critical perspectives on history, language, literature, art and philosophy, by means of academic projects in these specific fields but always within a wider interdisciplinary framework. Most research is carried out in the respective Departments of the Faculty, which enables it to feed into the various teaching activities they organise.