The majority of the websites indicated on this page are in French. You can however find similar information on the pages about tourism which appear on the websites provided by the Town:

In the University

Sport and leisure activities offered in UNamur are listed in documents available on the following websites

Swimming pools

The town of Namur has three indoor pools, each in three different neighbourhoods: Salzinnes, Jambes and Saint-Servais. To find out about timetables, prices and the exact location, see:

Sports centres / gyms

There is a sports centre called the Centre Namurois des Sports which is very close to the Salzinnes indoor pool.

In Jambes, there is another sports centre called the Centre ADEPS La Mosane:

Football / Soccer

Contact the above-mentionned sports centres.

Indoor climbing hall

In Jambes:

Mountain bike circuits

Another way to discover Namur’s surroundings.

7 mountain bike circuits, marked out departing from Namur. Information and maps:


The Ravel is a circuit following former railways to provide safe paths for anyone who wants to hike, bike, go horse-riding or rollerblading.


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