Living in Namur

A short presentation of the city.

Namur, Capital of Wallonia, is quite a small town (about 110,000 inhabitants), and it extends outside its historical centre towards suburbs and nearby villages, gradually integrating them in various districts of the town. The major urban area of the city is in a basin formed by two rivers: Meuse and Sambre. The city is dominated by the Citadelle, proudly built on the rocky spur overlooking the meeting of the two rivers.

Downtown of Namur is dedicated to shopping, schooling and services. In shops, you will find clothes, shoes, perfumes, food, books, handcrafts, gifts… You have to go to the outskirts to find bigger supermarkets.

In general, all shops (night shops excluded) are open from 10:00 to 18:00, banks and administrations from 9:00 to 16/00,  and are closed on Sundays and on holidays.

The official currency in Belgium is the Euro (€).


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