“Crèches” take charge of children aged between 0 and 3 during working days. In some crèches which are approved and subsidised by the ONE (Office de la Naissance et de l’Enfance:, the parents' contribution to fees depends on their professional income. Children are admitted on the condition that their parents are working. However, in non-subsidised crèches, the price paid by the parents is determined by the organism, and is slightly higher. Another option alongside daycares, is that of a certified care-taker in private homes. Some of these caretaker services are subsidised by the ONE. These care-takers are called “Accueillante d’enfant conventionné ONE”.

Crèches, after-school clubs, and a service to watch over ill children in UNamur: (in French). E-mail:

Since spaces are limited, the daycare centre or nursery for University staff’s children is often full. If this is the case, you will need to find alternative solutions for your child with an outside structure (other Nurseries or Home Daycare Provider):

For the city of Namur, the governmental organism in charge of ensuring reliable childcare is Sonefa.


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