Work permit exemptions

Situations in which you do not need work permit.

Post-doctoral researchers

Non-EU Post-doctoral researchers completing fundamental scientific research at a host university and enjoying a fellowship are exempt from the obligation to apply for a work permit. The university must notify the appropriate authority within one month of the student/researcher’s arrival. Please note that the duration of this exemption is limited to a period of 3 years.

Researchers  who sign a host agreement

Non-EU researchers who are coming to Belgium in order to perform research at an acknowledged research institution are not obligated to apply for a work permit. The duration of the exemption is limited to the duration of the research project. In order to enjoy this exemption, the Non-EU national must sign a host agreement with the approved research institute and must declare his or her arrival in Belgium.

Long-term resident status

Residents with a type D residence permit (long-term resident status) are exempted from the requirement to hold a work permit.

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