Administrative procedures in Namur

Residence permit
For all stays of more than 3 months.
Types of residence permit (e-card or paper)
Paper version or electronic version: which one to choose?
"Déclaration d'arrivée" (Declaration of arrival)
Only for Non-EU nationals in short stay.
"Déclaration de présence" (Declaration of presence)
Only for EU nationals in short stay.
Town Hall (permis de residence/residence permit, déclaration d’arrivée/Declaration of arrival, declaration de présence…)
Address, contact and opening hours of the Town Hall.
Opening a bank account
How and where. What includes the package.
Mutuelle (health care insurance)
Compulsory insurance for long stays.
National number
Taxes and social security
Drivers / Car owners
Parking, driving licence and registration of your car in Belgium.
Lost or stolen documents
Useful tip: It isn’t easy to remember to have all needed documents with us at all times. It is advised to make photocopies or to scan all documents and to leave them in a safe place, and/or save them on a server (not on mobile phones, i-pods, i-pads, or laptops).
Sworn translators and authenticated copy of documents
Long term resident status

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