On Campus

If you wish to book an accommodation on the university campus, you have to tick the appropriate box in the application form. We will then consider your request. Given that the number of available housing on campus  is limited, applications will be treated in order of arrival. If we are not able to offer you a room, we advise you to search a room on HousingAnywhere.com (see below).

All single rooms come with a sink, but occupants have to share kitchen and bathroom facilities with 4 other students (international house) and 4-8 students for the kot-à-projets. All rooms costs 310 Euros per months (all charges included) and require one month worth of deposit for the reservation (which is reimboursed at the end of an occupant's stay).


The student rooms on the campus are normally located in a so-called kot-à-projet (KAP), a shared living arrangement in a house or a part of a residence where 6-18 students (who each have an individual bedroom) not only share common facilities (bathrooms and kitchens) but also dedicate a part of their spare time to a common (cultural, social, humanitarian, environmental, ...) project. Such a project may involve the organization of activities for other students as well as nearby residents and their children. The monthly rent for a room in a KAP is about 300 Euros including utilities.

International House

Another housing option is the international house which consists of 22 individual rooms, distributed over four floors. Every floor has its own kitchen, to be shared by 5 or so students and common area. In addition there is a big common space on the ground floor that can be used by all students in the building. The building is managed by the ErasmusKot, who will use the common area for the social activities it organizes.


The University of Namur is a partner of HousingAnywhere.com, the international student-to-student housing platform. Students who are coming from abroad to Namur can find & book a student room on www.HousingAnywhere.com. The rooms on this platform are offered by our students that go abroad for a study abroad semester, exchange,or internship. Using the platform itself is completely free for you as a student; when you make a concrete booking an administrative fee will be charged as a part of Housing Anywhere’s secure booking system.