Courses taught in English

You can find below  the list of courses taught in English in the following faculties:

1.Faculty of Arts

2.Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration

3.Faculty of Medicine

4.Faculty of Sciences

Note: If three digit number in code is preceeded by "M" as in ECONM654 it is a masters-level code; if it is preceeded by "B" as in EPOLB213 it is a bachelor-level course.
Please click on the following link for an Excel file with a comprenhensive list of the courses taught in English: Faculty of Arts

Faculty of economics, social sciences and business administration


Semester (1 = Fall; 2 = Spring) Code Title ECTS Cycle
SEM 1 ECGEB371 Money and Finance 4 Bachelor
LECON2822 Development & Institutions: Economics approaches 5 Master
LECON2825 Poverty and livelihood strategies 5 Master
LECON2821 Population, environment and governance 5 Master
EDEVM311  Fluctuations and Development 4 Master
EDEVM322  Economic Integration & Trade 4 Master
EDEVM132 Economic Growth & International Development (UCL campus) 4 Master 
LECON2826 Applied Econometrics 5 Master 
SEM 2 ECGEB362 Risk, decision and strategy 3 Bachelor
EDEVM334 Evaluation of Public Interventions  4 Master 
EDEVM312 Macro-finance and Development 4 Master 
EDEVM321 Trade and Development : Specialization and Diversification  4 Master 
EDEVM310 Seminar in Macroeconomics & Trade Policies (UCL campus) 4 Master 
EDEVM130 Seminar in Development and Institutions (UCL campus) 4 Master 
LECON2831 Corporate finance & financial institutions 5 Master
LECON2331 Economics of finance and risk management 5 Master
LECON2907 Institutional Foundations of Markets 5 Master
LECON2823 Globalisation and macroeconomic policies 5 Master
LECON2336 Management of banks and financial institutions 5 Master
LECON2904 Political economics : Explaining Public Policies 5 Master
ECONM654 Advanced Monetary Economics 5 Master
LECON2665 Political Economy and Macroinstitutions in Developing Economies 5 Master
LECON2865 Trade policy and international cooperation 5 Master
LECON2820 Seminar in contemporary economic issues 5 Master
LECON2411 Norms and Public intervention 5 Master


Semester (1 = Fall; 2 = Spring) Code Title ECTS Cycle
SEM 1 EINGM100 Optimisation models in management 5 Master
ELFIM400 Portfolio Management 5 Master
ELFIM401 Financial Markets & Institutions 5 Master
ELIEM401 Entrepreneurship & Business Development 5 Master
ELMAM410 New Product Development and Launch 5 Master
ELMSM401 Managing the Servicescape - Introducing to the World of Services 5 Master
ELMSM407 Methods for Service & Marketing research  5 Master
ELMSM414 Services Operations Management 5 Master
ECONM833 Empirical Finance 5 Master
ELOIM424 Business Process Management 5 Master
ELOIM423 Requirement engineering and decision analysis 5 Master
ELOIM428 Advanced information and knowledge models 5 Master
SEM 2 EINGB333 Operations Management and Business Logistics 6 Bachelor
ELMSM415 Managing People & Service Relationships 5 Master
EINGB301 Data Analytics  4 Bachelor
ELMSM408 Consumer behavior and experience 5 Master
ELOIM420 Supply chain management 5 Master
ELMSM412 Digital Marketing & Communication 5 Master
ELMSM416 Service Design and Innovation 5 Master
ELMSM411 Retail Management & E-commerce 5 Master
ELMSM413 Services Marketing & Strategy  5 Master
ELMSM418 Customer Relationship Management 5 Master
EINGM200 Innovation Management 5 Master
ELOIM426 Pricing and Revenue Management 5 Master
ELFIM402 Derivatives  5 Master
ELFIM404 Advanced Corporate Finance 5 Master
ELFIM408 Sustainable finance 5 Master
ELOIM425 Artificial intelligence and Decision Support System 5 Master
ELOIM429 Novel IT business model 5 Master
SEM 2 ELOIM427 Quantitative Models in Operations Management 5 Master


Semester (1 = Fall; 2 = Spring) Code Title ECTS Cycle
SEM 1 EPOLB213 History & theories of European integration 3 Bachelor
EPOLB362 International relations theories 6 Bachelor
SEM 2 EPOLB366 Comparative politics 5 Bachelor
EPOLB311 Public policy analysis 5 Bachelor


Semester (1 = Fall; 2 = Spring) Code Title ECTS Cycle
SEM 1 EELVM412 English Writing  5 Master
EELVM441 Spanish I 5 Master
EELVM431 German I 5 Master
EELVM421 Dutch I (advanced Level) 5 Master
SEM 1  or SEM 2 HOFFO200 French course 3 /
EELVM411 English Speaking 5 Master
SEM 2 EELVM413 English-Advanced level 5 Master
EELVM442 Spanish II 5 Master
EELVM432 German II 5 Master
EELVM422 Dutch II (advanced level) 5 Master

Faculty of Sciences

Semester (1 = Fall; 2 = Spring) Code Title ECTS
SEM 1 SCHIM102 Advanced Theoretical Chemistry 6
SCHIM103 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: adsorption, interfaces, heterogeneous catalysis 6
SCHIM104 Spectroscopic Methods for Characterization of Materials 3
SCHIM106 Advanced Organic Chemistry 6
SCHIM202 Green Chemistry 3
SCHIM203 Supramolecular Chemistry 3
SSPSM203 Philosophy of life sciences 2
SBIOM129 Genetic Dynamics 3
SBIOM132 Bacterial Genetics 3
SBIOM136 Bacterial Cell Biology 3
SBOEM164 Evolutionary and Adaptive Physiology 3
SBOEM165 Evolutionary genomics and transcriptomics 3
SBIOM106 Initiation to Scientific Research (personal project), SEM1/SEM2 14
LBOE2140 Landscape ecology 4
MSBMM113 Bioethics 2
SBOEM162 Ecotoxicology of populations communities and ecosystems 2
SBOEM163 Ecotoxicology 4
SBOEM167 Proteomics and epigenetics 2
SBOEM238 Applied ecotoxicology 2
SEM 2 SCHIM109 Scientific programming for chemists 3
SCHIM114 Organometallic synthesis and catalysis 3
SCHIM121 Microscopy Applied to Materials Chemistry 3
SCHIM124 Processes and methods for the preparation of solid nanomaterials 3
SCHIM214 Strategy for the Synthesis of Complex Molecules 3
SCHIM224 Organic photochemistry 3
SCHIM225 Asymmetric synthesis and catalysis 3
DROP2101 Management of Intellectual Property Rights 5
GEO2140 Advanced physical geography [UCL] 5
LBOE2113 Scientific and professional communication in English 3
SBOEM124 Molecular ecology 8