Blocked account procedure

All incoming new students with non-EEA nationality, are obliged by Belgian law to provide evidence of sufficient financial means to cover their study and living expenses for the duration of the studies.

Moreover, the proof of sufficient funds is an essential condition to obtain an Authorization for Provisional Sojourn as a student (student visa type D) for living and studying in Belgium; and to obtain and/or extend your Belgian residence permit.

There are three acceptable types of this Proof of Solvency:

  1. A certificate from a recognised institution (UNamur or another) stating that you have been awarded a study grant or a scholarship;
  2. A proof of Guarantorship by means of the so-called Annex 32 document;
  3. A proof of your own financial means by transferring a certain amount to a blocked bank account in Belgium in your name.

If you want to make use of the last proof of solvency, you have to transfer the appropriate amount of money to the bank account of UNamur. In turn, we will transfer this amount on a monthly basis to your personal bank account in Belgium or pay it out in cash

Below you can find the minimum monthly amount required by Belgian law for the academic year 2018-2019:

  • For new incoming students to apply for student visa
  • For enrolled students to extend your residence permit
For new incoming students (to apply for student visa)
 Monthly amountExample full academic year

654 EUR/month*

(1308 EUR for the first month)

8502 EUR

= (654 x 13)


1500 EUR/month*

(3000 EUR for the first month)

19500 EUR

= (1500 x 13)


For enrolled students (to extend your residence permit)
 Monthly amountExample full academic year
Single 654 EUR/month*                    

7848 EUR

= (654 x 12)


 1500 EUR/month*

18000 EUR

= (1500 x 12)

*This amount can be subject to indexation.


  • The purpose of the blocked account procedure is to obtain a visa.  Please note that the amounts mentioned may not be sufficient to cover all your living expenses in Belgium
  • Do not transfer money to the account of UNamur before you have contacted the international exchange office.



For more information or to make use of this procedure, contact
Henrich Brunke, at the Service of International Relations


 +32(0) 8172 4008