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Centered on the international dimension, this programme can be followed entirely in English.

As this programme is organised jointly with UCL, you will be a graduate of two universities.

The master offers a choice between three types of focus: professional focus, research-oriented focus and teaching focus. The programme also offers an unrivalled choice of options in Namur and in Louvain-la-Neuve. Students have access to the programme courses in both campuses.


The programmes are strongly anchored in business life.

The course offering is structured in five topics: management and consultancy, finance, service and marketing management, operations and information management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

evening programmes

Advanced Masters

  • The objective of the programme is to train students in international and development economics and help them to become qualified actors in the field of economic development in the context of an integrated world economy.
    The courses taught are structured around two main themes: macroeconomic policies and economic development including its institutional aspects.

  • Fully taught in FrenchSustainable Development Economics and Management
    The programme responds to the need for specialised knowledge in the fields of economics and management, but also to the need to adopt cross-disciplinary approaches in order to understand and grasp complex problems linked to the challenges of the ecological transition towards sustainable development within organisations.

PhD - Doctorates


Together with a new programme adapted to the mobility requirements of students, researchers and professors, our Faculty offers students a very approachable staff, knowledgeable and experienced in contemporary economic and business practices, concerned with human issues and open to the world.

In addition to “Erasmus” exchanges, students have an opportunity to benefit from internships in Belgium or abroad thanks to the relations that have been created between our Faculty and institutions and companies in Belgium, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, South and South-East Asia, Australia, and Japan.

Excellent employment opportunities follow from this combination of in-depth discussions and openness to practical and international challenges.