Except for the marster's degree,  the advanced master degree and the doctorates
the detailed informations you can find by following the links exist only in french.


evening programme


Centered on the international dimension, this programme can be followed, in part or in whole, in English.

The programme is organised by the Louvain School of Economics, a joint venture with the Université Catholique de Louvain. It offers a choice between three types of training: applied economics, research-oriented training and teacher education.

Three specialization areas are proposed in Namur: development economics, economic policy and financial economics, four in Louvain-la-Neuve: cycles, growth and globalisation, public economics and social policies, political economy and social norms, economics of firms strategies and innovation. Students have access to the programme courses both in Namur and Louvain-la-Neuve.

The programmes are strongly anchored in business life.

The course offering is composed of five majors : finance, marketing, organizational behavior and human resource, accounting and control, operations management and technology.

evening programme

Specialised Master

  • Fully taught in EnglishInternational and Development Economics
    This programme is fully taught in English.

    The objective of the programme is to train students in international and development economics and help them to become qualified actors in the field of economic development in the context of an integrated world economy.
    The courses taught are structured around two main themes: macroeconomic policies and economic development including its institutional aspects.

  • Fully taught in FrenchSupporting Professionals in education, management, social work and health 
    Our social, economic, political and technological worlds are in a constant state of evolution.  Workers need to develop new skills, and their supervisors must be able to support them in this permanent adaptation to change, in the creation of tools and in innovation.
    But teams which are not supported and accompanied in this task regularly experience exhaustion and distress at work. In fact, many supervisors must take on this support role with neither preparation nor training in the skills required.
    Our specialised master, led by Belgian and international experts, aims to respond to this growing need and offers trainers, team leaders, counsellors, etc. the opportunity to learn how to support their teams and the professionals who make up those teams.

Doctoral Studies


Together with a new programme adapted to the mobility requirements of students, researchers and professors, our Faculty offers students a very approachable staff, knowledgeable and experienced in contemporary economic and business practises, concerned with human issues and open to the world. In addition to “Erasmus” exchanges, students have an opportunity to benefit from internships in Belgium or abroad thanks to the relations that have been created between our Faculty and institutions and companies in Belgium, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, South and South-East Asia, Australia, and Japan. Excellent employment opportunities follow from this combination of in-depth discussions and openness to practical and international challenges.