B a c h e l o r   i n   B u s i n e s s   E n g i n e e r i n g

Fully taught in FrenchThe Bachelor in Business Engineering at UNamur is a 3-year programme organised in French.

For more information, visit the web page in French.

M a s t e r   i n   b u s i n e s s   e n g i n e e r i n g

What are the future technological trends in our sector – and elsewhere?Partially taught in English

How can we effect the digital transformation of our company?

How can we work with our clients using social networks and mobile technology?

How can we combine our competitiveness with concern for sustainable development?

How can we be more responsible towards our environment, our employees and other stakeholders?

Which technologies would help us to motivate our employees more?

How can we produce our new product more efficiently?

How can we finance our innovations?

The Master in Business Engineering at UNamur teaches all aspects of business management: management of information and big data, processes, client and provider relationships, change and innovation.

You will learn to become a proactive and well-informed decision-maker, capable of managing projects and teams in technological and innovating environments.

Y o u r   o b j e c t i v e s

  • To acquire the rigour and critical thinking skills offered by a high-quality university course;
  • To master the knowledge, methods and tools of the various management-related disciplines (finance, marketing, human resources, strategy, organisation, operations management, management information systems, business law, etc.) and their integration from a technological perspective;
  • To develop the skills needed to lead multidisciplinary and multicultural teams or to create your own business:
    • creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit,
    • proficiency in languages and openness to the world,
    • intellectual rigour, honesty and a sense of responsibility,
    • leadership, autonomy and team spirit.

W h y   s t u d y   a t   U N a m u r ?

‘When I had to choose the university where I would study, I chose UNamur.  I have never regretted my decision – the quality of relationships with the professors, a fabulous city where I still live now, the friendliest student life in Belgium…  I invested a lot of time in student societies, which complemented my university studies really well.  I really appreciated the broad curriculum in Business Engineering.  I was also able to graduate with a double Master, because of the partnership between UNamur and KULeuven.  The quality of my studies has enabled me to progress on to doing a doctorate at KULeuven.’ - Anthony, graduate

p r o g r a m m e s

The Master in Business Engineering programmes offer 2 focuses and 3 areas of study.

You may choose one focus and one area of study ;



  • Programme structure and coursesAnalytics and Digital Business: This route focuses on the modelling and formalisation of complex management problems and on the integration of technological issues and innovation into management practice.  It includes the advanced study of quantitative methods to support management decisions, digital technologies, information systems, project management, innovation management and business ethics.


  • Programme structure and coursesData Science: Companies face a growing need to deal with increasingly numerous and complex data (‘big data’).  You will learn to extract, store, analyse, visualise and interpret data available in various quantities and forms, and become a specialist in data analysis and a designer of tomorrow’s solutions.  UNamur is the only university in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to offer such a specialist focus in a Business Engineering programme.

Areas of study :

Business ‘immersion’ (unique in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) combines rigorous university studies with practical experience valued by the job market and gained via a series of placements based around a managerial project carried out in business ;

    • Aim: intra-/entrepreneurial projects – a company-related thesis-project based on 3 placements within this company and 2 options chosen from the various topics on offer

Advanced management leads to a high level of expertise in one of the main fields of management;

    • Aim: expert – 2-3 options, a thesis and potentially a business placement, all related to the same topic

General management provides a broad study of the different areas of management.

    • Aim: generalist – 3 options, a thesis and a business placement relating to several topics

Choice of options depending on selected area of study

  • ‘Digital Information Management’ topic: to acquire expertise in technology and information management, be able to integrate new IT into business strategy and manage the supply chain.  Possibility of a double diploma with KULeuven.
  • ‘Finance’ topic: portfolio management, investment strategies, stock and financial markets, investment techniques, financial derivatives, management of risk and its international dimension, corporate finance, financial analysis and the communication of financial information.
  • ‘Services and Marketing Management’ topic (unique in Belgium): to develop skills specific to the world of services in the areas of marketing, operations, human resources and customer relationships in the digital age.
  • ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ topic: for future managers who will be the drivers of innovation for their own entrepreneurial project or for development projects within the company for which they work.


Options on other topics may be taken at the Louvain School of Management, ICHEC or the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, our partners in French-speaking Belgium.

Key aspects of the study programme

Besides your chosen focus and area of study, your Master will be based around 3 key aspects:

  •  a long-term business placement in Belgium or abroad, to introduce you to the real world of business and prepare you for your future roles;
  • a period of study with one of our partners in Flanders (Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven, etc.), in Europe (notably Barcelona, Rome, Warsaw, Budapest, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Tampere, etc.), or further away in the US, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Brazil, India, Tunisia, Mexico, Taiwan, etc.
  • a thesis in collaboration with a company, organisation or research centre, which will bring together all the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your studies.