Student events

In addition to ensuring the well-being of students, the Animation Service's mission is to ensure the smooth cohabitation of the animation and the UNamur community as a whole. It works to ensure the smooth running of the various activities organised and offered by the outreach groups on the UNamur campus. It implements the procedures and regulations governing the organisation of activities and ensures that they are respected by the collectives in order to ensure that UNamur activities and students' extra-curricular activities coexist smoothly. It also justifies, sets and enforces any sanctions that may be imposed on a group or individual.

The team

  • François-Xavier Nolmans - Head of department: management of the department, level of appeal, safety validation, exclusion and closure decisions, receipt of complaints, disciplinary summonses, etc.

  • Laurent Tallier - room reservations, invoicing, advice on kàp, technical services relay, etc.

  • François Lejeune - Permanent: room reservations, information relays, cups, etc.

Contact :

The groups involved

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The Board of Students (AGE - in French) The Board of Student Clubs (ADC - in French) The Thematic Dormitories Club (AKàP - in French) The Inter-regionals Club (CIR - in French)

Living together

The University of Namur recognises the part played by student activities in the attractiveness of the campus and the role they can play in balancing student life, which is divided into three areas: teaching, study and relaxation.

Alongside other extra-curricular activities such as culture and sport, the range of activities that students organise for themselves has a place at the University.

To achieve its objectives, this activity offer must be part of an approach that combines conviviality, respect for each individual and responsibility.

This is what the University expects, and it is on this condition that it offers its support in terms of premises, funding for certain activities and project support. It also sets a precise operating framework to guarantee the quality of the activities taking place within its walls or associated with its name.

In the vademecum (in French), you will find concrete information on the procedures to be followed, a formulation of expectations in terms of responsibility and advice for your activities. These rules exist as in any structure. They are not intended to prevent activities, but to guarantee their quality and future.

This vade-mecum is a basis. All the workers in charge of supporting your projects are here to listen to you. Never hesitate to contact them.


In the spirit of living together well, the email address exists so that members of the University Community can report an organisation whose conduct is disrupting an atmosphere conducive to work.

Bandeau PHARE

PHARE - Harassment protection for students
Victim or witness of harassment (physical, sexual or psychological)?
Contact us by e-mail: Website (in French) :

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