Registration fees

2019-2020 academic year

Nationals of European Union Member States

  • €835

Students from outside the European Union

Treated as Belgian students

(usual fee: €835)

If the candidate meets one of the following criteria they may be treated as a Belgian student:

  • The student possesses a residence permit or has acquired long-term resident status under the terms of the provisions of the law dated 15 December 1980 concerning access to the territory, residence, establishment and the removal of aliens;
  • The student is considered to be a refugee, stateless person or someone able to benefit from subsidiary protection under the terms of the provisions of the above-mentioned law of 15 December 1980, or has introduced, on the basis of the same law, a request for asylum which is not yet the subject of a final decision or an administrative cassation appeal declared acceptable in accordance with Article 20 of the laws on the Council of State, coordinated on 12 January  1973, and this until the moment that a definitive rejection of the permitted appeal is pronounced;
  • The student is authorised to remain in Belgium for more than 3 months under the terms of the provisions of the above-mentioned law of 15 December 1980 and to practise a real or effective profession or to benefit from replacement income;
  • The student has been taken into care, or maintained by social services, in a residence which belongs to  social services, or in a residence to which he or she was entrusted;
  • The student has a father, mother, legal guardian, spouse or legally cohabiting partner holding the nationality of a Member State of the European Union or who fulfils one of the conditions identified in the four preceding points; or
  • The student meets the conditions identified in Article 105, § 2, of the decree of 7 November  2013.

A real and effective profession is one for which, in 6 of the last 12 months preceding registration, the remuneration corresponds to and has corresponded to half of the average minimum monthly guaranteed remuneration established by the national Work Council.

For these students the registration fees are identical to those of  Belgian students.

Not treated as Belgian students

The registration fees are communicated by the Admissions Service during the admissions procedure. They may vary from €835 to €4,175.

  • Students from all other countries pay €4,175.

The Foreign Students’ Commission can decide to grant exemptions.

Other cases

Please contact the Admissions Service.