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Submission thesis

In order to collect and disseminate research publications freely to the scientific community, UNamur requires that each PhD student archive his/her final thesis on the institutional repository (PURE). The dissemination serves several purposes:

  • Providing a better visibility to the PhD Students for their publications
  • Ensuring the continuity of the publications
  • Make research publications available at the soonest possible
  • Compliance with Open Access applicable laws

UNamur fully supports the Open Access movement and therefore encourages all researchers to make their publications available. According to applicable laws, every research wholly or partly funded with government funds should be made available after a six-month or one-year embargo period as the case may be.

Institutional repository  


To validate the form, you need to fill in the copyright licence first.

Sign it and then upload it via the link below.

General information
Date of private defense  
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Date of orals   Approximate date
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Information about dissertation

You are about to grant UNamur the right to deposit your thesis on the institutional repository. Please make sure that there are no articles already published by a Publisher. If it is so, it is particularly important for you and for UNamur, that publication on the institutional repository does not conflict with the Publisher’s copyrights policies. Failure to comply with these policies can be legally damaging.

Please visit Sherpa/Romeo for yours rights.


The thesis include the text of article(s) prepint/postprint/published  

Publication of the thesis by a publisher  

Patent pending or considered based on the results of the dissertation  

Access type  

Prohibited access (embargo) until ... afterwards in Open access Complete when embargo or combined access (for chapters in embargo)
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My dissertation

Computer file naming : SubmissionYear_NameInitialFirstName_these.pdf ; Example : 2018_DupontM_these.pdf

If there are several files, type a number after "these". Example : 2018_DupontM_these1.pdf

As a failure message appears (504 Gateway Time-Out), check out the mail box notified above before sending another form. If the problem remains, feel free to contact



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