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> What you want

  • To work on topical issues: How can weather forecasts be made more reliable? How can improvements be made to the transport network, a food production line, energy distribution or the information on Facebook? How can the probability be estimated that a satellite will fall in an inhabited area? How can the next stock market crash be predicted? How can learning mathematics be made meaningful?

  • To gain proficiency in all the stages of solving real problems (analysis, modelling, simulation and implementation) using the theoretical, algorithmic and computing tools of applied mathematics;

  • To enter professional life (teaching, research, business) with a scientific and multidisciplinary outlook.



  • Links theory and practice using analytical and numerical approaches through an extensive training in scientific programming;
  • Offers three different orientations:Image math
    • Research
      The emphasis is on research, conducted at the Namur Centre for Complex Systems (naXys) or the education research unit, and with the possibility of a three-month scientific stay abroad; 
    • Specialised
      Companies are central to this version of the masters programme, which is based around an internship at a company of your choice and a group project carried out under conditions similar to those experienced in companies; 
    • Teaching
      In this orientation, the programme trains students in the teaching of mathematics by means of teaching practice in general, technical and vocational education;