What you wantStrenghts

  • To study the living world in all its complexity and at its different levels of organisation, from bacteria to humans and from genes to systems;
  • To contribute to our understanding of biological processes at the cellular and molecular levels in normal and pathological conditions;
  • To design research projects in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology, complete them successfully, interpret them and publish the results.





    • Structured into modules based on à la carte training in five areas:
      • human biology (cancer, inflammation, vascular pathology, etc.);
      • genetics and genomics (molecular diagnosis, genetic dynamics: issues of survival, etc.);
      • cellular and molecular animal biology (stem cells, normal and pathological ageing, etc.)
      • cellular and molecular plant biology (biotechnologies, structure and functions of proteins, etc.);
      • cellular and molecular microbiology (host-pathogen relationship, molecular evolution and adaptation, etc.);
    • Also includes participation in two “theme weeks” (classes, seminars and practical training at Namur or other universities in the French Community);
    • Culminates in a long master thesis (12 months) carried out at a state-of-the-art research laboratory;
    • Enriched with a four-month internship in a company, a government agency or a research laboratory in Belgium or abroad;
    • Features specialisation through choice of orientation: