Complex systems are systems composed of interacting parts/agents whose local behavior, resulting from the interactions between them, cannot provide a complete understanding of the global behavior, i.e. considering the system as a whole, say on a macroscopic scale.

This implies that several levels of description/modeling of the system should be present at the same time, micro-meso-macro. This forces complex systems to be studied by transdisciplinary teams, able to understand the whole construction and critically analyze the connections among the description levels.

This property is usually called an emergent behavior, and it can be the result of the very large number of elementary constituents, of the non-linearity of the interactions between the latter, the disparity of scales in the system, their structure in network, their stochastic nature, their properties of (in)stability or the non-standard character of their context. 

The goals of naXys are to consolidate the complex systems research, to improve its coherence and its visibility in Belgium and in the international scientific community.

To promote interdisciplinary exchanges and to create new ones, by organizing workshops, conferences and a visiting program. To reach a critical mass capable to attract further human and financial resources, hence to increase the available financial support for its members.

To promote educational activities in the framework of complex systems, by organizing seminars and PhD Schools.


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Tuesday April 12, 1pm, Arianna Bottinelli (Uppsala), Ants and transport networks

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