UNamur Research


Research at UNamur
989 publications
655 researchers
383 PhD students
747 projects
66 research units
42 PhD thèses
34,7 millions euros (R&D spending 2012)

At the heart of the University’s three missions, i.e., teaching, research and public service, research occupies a pivotal and special place, whence teaching and economical and social progress flow.

Already renowned for their excellence in teaching, UNamur is increasingly recognized for the quality of her research. Many research units have emerged from within six faculties and are called units, departments, laboratories, groups, cells, poles or centers. They gather academic, scientific, administrative and technical staff, Belgian or otherwise, all sharing a common passion for research.

UNamur belongs to and partake in several, often interdisciplinary, research networks at the local, regional, federal, European, and international level.

UNamur’s research strategy is determined by the Board of Trustees, under the guidance of the research Council, and aims at excellence. It maintains the necessary balance between fundamental and applied research and between social and exact sciences. Special attention is given to Ph.D. students who constitute an essential link in academic research.

A Research Administration Department (ADRE) was created in 2003. It is at the researchers’ disposal both upstream from research projects for information, financing, and drafting and downstream for research support and technology transfer.

UNamur’s researchers invite you to share with them the great adventure of research, source of development and human progress.

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