You are foreign researcher and you soon go to make a stay to the University of Namur or are there already. As a visiting researcher, you will certainly need some help and supplementary information about this stay, and what to do before and after your arrival. This document should give you answers to some of your initial questions and any others that may arise.

To begin, we wish you a good journey and hope you have a pleasant and productive stay. As the person in charge of assisting all visiting students, Jean-Paul Leonis will be your contact to help you with any logistics regarding your arrival in Namur. Those steps are described in these pages. Moreover, to complement the information given by your work supervisor at the University of Namur, we can give you information about life in Namur and in Belgium and you may contact us for further information.

Amongst other duties, your work supervisor is in charge of any correspondence and form-filling requested to organise your venue and your accommodation: the letter of invitation, work permit and rental contract. He will also collect the keys to your room and find an arrangement to welcome you upon arrival.

These pages are a short guide intended to help your life in Namur. It is not exhaustive, but covers the main concerns. You will also discover more of the city and the country on your own.

If you have any questions or concerns, before or during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact Jean-Paul Leonis: a timely question can solve many potential problems.

Good reading!

For the staff,

Jean-Paul Leonis

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