When you leave Belgium, you have to inform (see details below):

  • Town Hall.
  • Bank.
  • Health insurance company.
  • Other companies with which you are in contact.
  • Complete the satisfaction survey about your stay in Namur.

In the situation in which you are certain that you will come back soon in Namur, you can keep your bank account and eventually your health coverage, but you have to inform the Town Hall.

To be sure that your mail will follow you to your new address, the Post organises a specific service: Do My Move (http://www.bpost.be/site/fr/residential/letters-cards/absence-move/domymove.html).

Town Hall

Required documents:
  • Residence permit.
  • Passport or national identity card.
  • 1 passport-sized picture.
  • Your address of residence in the country of destination.
Then, they will deliver you two documents: a Modèle 8 (explaining that you stop your registration in the City) and another one that prooves you was in order during your stay. Be attentive that the document is valid for 8 days only!


You can manage with the bank to close your bank account later, from abroad. Never forget that, even if you do not use your bank account anymore, you pay for it!

Health insurance company (mutuelle)

Ask them to cancel your coverage at the date you will leave Belgium (and not the day you go there): you must be covered until the end of your stay!

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