End of your contract with the University of Namur

At the end of your contract, you will receive some documents from the Payroll Departement (Service des rémunerations).

  • Certificate indicating the amount of allowance of holidays you have got.
  • Certification  of  unemployment  (C4  form).  It  is  delivered  on  the  last  working  day  of  your employment time. It is intended for the ONEM (National Unemployment Office in Belgium).

The "C4" form will be given to you by the Cellule des Rémunérations (Payroll Department) on the last working day of your contract. Please contact the service in  order to obtain an appointment to cover this matter: .

In order to ensure that in the future you keep your rights to eventual unemployment  benefits in your country of origin, you must present yourself at the ONEM offices in Namur (http://www.rva.be/Frames/frameset.aspx?Language=FR&Path=D_RVA/&Items=7) to ask for a form called U1. You will need to bring with you the following documents:

  • C4 Form
  • identity card plus a copy of both sides
  • annexe 8 + copy

If all is in order with your file, the U1 is delivered immediately. You could also request this form by email, in which case you would receive it by post.

You will need to enquire what further procedures are required by the law in the country you will be residing in afterwards.

For all specific questions refer to work regulation, contact the Researchers Helpdesk.


Mr Jean-Paul LEONIS

Euraxess Contact Point - Researchers Helpdesk

Internal call: 4117

External call: +32 81 72 41 17

E-mail: jean-paul.leonis@unamur.be

Office (on appointment): Rue Godefroid, 5 - door 47