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Doctoral studies in Belgium


This website gives you further information about visa, work permit, and so on:


This is the intranet of the University of Namur. It contains a lot of information about the university and the latest in terms of scientific research You also will find a lot of useful information about your life in Namur (in the "verbo" section).

You have access to it through your university id and password (given at your arrival).


This website gives you basic information about travel, formalities and life in Belgium (also for other countries).

Vivre en Belgique

Bienvenue à Namur

A pocket guide for newcomers, with essential information about Namur.

  1. Settling in and Communicating
  2. Birth and Early Childhood
  3. Receiving education in Namur
  4. Working in Namur
  5. •Receiving Social Help
  6. Legal Consultation and Services
  7. Moving about
  8. Respecting the Environment
  9. Leisure and Entertainment
  10. Worship
  11. Health
  12. Housing
    Map of the town
  13. Managing your Budget

The following link is in French, but you can download this guide on pdf format in English, Albanian, Arabic, Russian or Turkish.



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