Registration of rental contract

In what case and how to proceed.

A copy of your registered tenancy agreement can be requested when you undertake certain steps: family entry and settlement, extension of the stay.

If you are renting an accommodation from a private owner, he is in charge of recording your lease contract and giving you a copy of it. He has two months to proceed after all parties have signed it. It is free for you.

If you are staying in a University’s accommodation, you have to proceed by yourself.

Office address: Rue des Bourgeois 7, bloc A.

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 12:00 a.m.

Bring two copies of the contract (original is not required). The contract must be signed both by the tenant (you) and the landlord.

Registration is free within two months after the signing, and costs 25 € after this deadline.

You can also scan the lease contract and send it by e-mail to: (ask them to send back the document to your postal address).

In case the length of your stay exceeds 6 months, It is recommended to register your contract.


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