General rules about housing in the University.

Technical Services of the University manage some houses on the campus. These houses are divided in rooms, flats and apartments. They are intended for University visiting scholars.

All accommodations are fully furnished (bedding, kitchen furniture) and connected to Internet (free), TV cable (free) and phone (free rental – paying communications).

The UNamur accommodation pool includes (rental including charges and taxes (except for TV and local taxes)):

  • rooms for 2 people with kitchenette and fridge (shared bathroom and toilet): 359€/month.
  • rooms for 1 people with kitchenette and fridge (with private bathroom and toilet): 359€/month.
  • flats (room with private bathroom and toilet): 548€/month.
  • one-room apartments: 667€/month.
  • two-room apartments: 793€/month.

Your work supervisor in Namur has to book your accommodation. He usually needs to know which kind of housing you want (according to the available budget!). A few days before your arrival, he will get the key and only then will learn your address. In case you need to know your address a long time before your arrival (for visa application, for example), you can mention the general address of the University (Rue de Bruxelles 61).

When your stay is very short, it is not recommended to try to find an accommodation outside the University. You need to know that most of the accommodations in Namur are not furnished.

Moreover, owners often ask for a three-year rent (or a least, a one-year rent). The best website to search for an accommodation outside University housing is : www.immoweb.be.



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