Doctors / Medical care

General rules

When you see a doctor, the cost of the examination may be covered by your health insurance.


Members of a “mutuelle” health insurance system in Belgium have to take this voucher to the mutuelle office to get reimbursed. Amounts vary depending on  the type of exam (70% for a check-up with a General Physician).

Members of other health insurance systems have to send the voucher to the insurance company to be reimbursed. See conditions in the insurance or grant contract.

Assistance to people from foreign origin

“Clinique de l’exil” (Exile clinic)

Rue Docteur Haibe, 4 – 5002 Saint-Servais

Phone: +32-81-77.68.19

See also mediation agent in the "Hospitals" item below.

Doctor (general practitioner)

The following doctor is recommanded by some foreign researchers of the University:

Dr Soma Van Roy (Mrs)

Speaking French, English and Spanish

Mobile phone: 0497.31.90.27 (you can leave a message)

Rue Henri Blès, 152

Doctors on call

Pharmacy services



Emergency department, pediatric consultations, consultations of specialists.

Mediation agents are at your disposal in the hospitals: they are intermediaries between practitioners and patients to help both for all cultural aspects of medical treatments and for translation.

Clinique et maternité Sainte Elisabeth (St.-Elisabeth Clinic and Maternity)

Place Louise Godin, 15 – 5000 Namur

General: 081 72 04 11

Emergency: 081 72 04 31

Centre hospitalier regional de Namur CHRN (Regional Hospital of Namur)

Avenue Albert 1er, 185 – 5000 Namur

General: 081 72 61 11

Emergency: 081 72 67 07

Clinique Saint-Luc (St.-Luc Clinic)

Rue Saint-Luc, 8 – 5004 Bouge

General: 081 20 91 11

Emergency: 081 20 91 00


Mr Jean-Paul LEONIS

Euraxess Contact Point - Researchers Helpdesk

Internal call: 4117

External call: +32 81 72 41 17


Office (on appointment): Rue Godefroid, 5 - door 47